WIS vCalReader

A little program that lets you read VCALENDAR files.

We are not using outlook, and appointments and reminders send to us from outlookusers get's in our inbox as Unknown.unk files.

And the ways of finding out when and where was to either open the file as text-file and try to decipher time zones and dates, or import the file in google calendar.
Or both, because google import does only tell you that the appointment got imported, and no clue to when... 

Then we found out that we had a component in delphi (TMS' TvCalendar) that could decipher these pesky files for us - and vCalReader was born.

It is not tested with VCALENDAR files that origins from different time zone, so it's provided "as is".
Feel free to give us feedback: ove (a) wis.no 

Download vCalReader