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Freeware powered by WIS

Endret: 21.04.2008  

Small applications/tools that we hope others may find useful

Wis Shortcuts

It's not  program, but more like a collection of shortcuts, scripts and 3rd party freeware tools. Configured in a way that easily let them be run by Windows' Run dialog (Win key + R)

Scripts that take commandline arguments and/or can work with clipboard makes this a powerful collection.

It ranges from Google search shortcut, transform HTML in clipboard to TXT, run content in clipboard, make regedit jump to reg-key in clipboard etc.

NB! Most of the comments in the vbscript files are in norwegian, and it's not the most structured vbscripts you'll find. You are warned:-)

Download shortcut  (5,4 MB)

Download shortcut Addons (12,5 MB) larger applications and helpfiles


More info from the ReadMe file


I've been "preaching" for my shortcuts to everyone who would lend me an ear.
So if you are reading this without me bending your arm behind your back I'm very happy:-)
And if you have any hint, suggestions or improvements I would be very happy to hear from you.

Aprox 3 years ago I found the description of how to execute shortcuts by adding their path
to the Path system variable.(Main idea taken from
Since then I have collected over 260 shortcuts!
Most of them very special and only useful for me, but here I have extracted the most useful one
and the ones that are most portable to other computers.
The highlights of my shortcuts:
gt <search term> - Google This; Opens Google searching for <search term>
ggt <search term> - Groups Google This, same as above but opens
go (clipboard) - Runs what ever you have in clipboard. Example: Copy an url to clipboard and
   win-R go and you will open Internet Explorer at the url in your clipboard
   Example 2: If you have the full path to an excel document, then just win-R go to open the
ie <url> - opens Internet Explorer at the given url
lex <search term> - Opens wikipedia searching for <search term>
pf - opens Program Files folder
rj (clipboard) - Opens regedit with focus on the reg-key in clipboard

In the package I have added a few of my everyday tools, all(as far as I know) is freeware.
The tools is not my creation and if you find that they should not be in the package let me know
and I'll remove them.(Later I might add credit and reference to the respective homepages...)
I guess some of the tools will be outdated in a few months(especialy the sysinternals tools
that is updated regulary) and I strongly advise you to update the tools every now and then.

It works by adding the path to where the shortcuts are to the system path variable.
The system path variable tells the system where to look for programs that you try to run from
Win-R or Command Prompt


- shortcut.exe is a self-extracting winrar file, that after unzipping Runs the 
  shortcut\Config\~Install.vbs wich sets system variables, copies SendTo shortcut, installs 
  IE6Script.dll that makes IE DOM available to vbscripts, installs SendTo button in IE
- To enable the SendTo button in IE, you may have to restart IE and add the button manually by
  right-clicking the toolbar and select customize.
- Try Win-R hlp to get a list of shortcuts.

- If you can't remember the shortcut just Win-R fnd Google  => you will get a list of shortcuts
  that contains the word Google.
- To create new shortcuts right click the exe/shortcut/folder and choose "Send To" - "Wis Shortcuts"
  You will then be asked for Name and Description.
- If you want a kickstart in using the shortcuts I recommends that you hide your Quick launch
  icons and print the Win-R hlp page.
- Create a shortcut to shortcut\Tools\RemoveClipboardFormatting.exe on your desktop and set the
  "shortcut Key" to CTRL-ALT-V. Then if you want to copy the full path of a file, all you have to
  do is mark the file in Explorer, press CTRL-C(copy) and CTRL-ALT-V to paste the filename with
  full path.




    - Added scu - shortcut Update. Checks if there exists a newer version and asks to install if found
    - updated sysinternals tools.
    - Added gp - gp <url> | <url on clipboard> - GoogleProxy using googles translating service as a proxy
    - Added Command Prompt Shortcuts: Eureka! Found doskey + a few useful shortcuts. (More to come)
     - . = cd..
     - .. = cd ..\..
     - x = exit
     - ipa = ipconfig /all
     - C = cls
     - d = dir
     - mc = make directory and cd to it
     - mv = move file (copy and delete)
     - h = List of shortcuts
    - Added mnd - mnd <driveletter> <UNCpath> [<Name>] [<username> <password> [<persistent>]]
     - Map NetworkDrive with option to name the mapped drive.
    - Added setup option to limit System Restore to 3 percent of diskspace.
    - Added wmicg - 's WMI Code Generator HTA
    - Added hw - Hardware inventory HTA
    - Added gtl - Google This List: Google results in list format.
    - Changed været - Local weather forecast, so that you can what weather I have:-)
    - Added fwon/fwoff - Turn Firewall on/off
    - Added crp - Create Restore Point
    - Added sr - System Restore.


    - Replaced PINs password database with KeePass
    - Replaced logoff, reboot and shutdown scripts with exe's from
      because the scripts did not work on all versions of windows.
    - Changed tlf shortcut to use instead of
    - Replaced vnc - Ultra VNCviewer for remote control using vnc. Now I don't miss WIN-R anymore:-)
    - Added tss - Terminal server switch my own app for switching between terminal server sessions.
      For more info look at:
    - Added su - shortcut Update - URL to Download latest shortcut pack.


    - Added sd - shutdown. Script from
    - Added rb - Reboot. Script from
    - Fixed lo - logoff with script from
    - Fixed SendToShortcuts script.
      - Gives warning if shortcut is taken
      - Makes correct vbs/whs shortcuts
      - Better default values
    - Added my metapadsetings as an option when installing.
    - Added RegHack and install option to turn off IE's annoying navigate sound.
    - Fixed shortcuts that used url querystring to urlencode querystring.
    - Fixed Google shortcuts to correctly intepret norwegian characters.
    - Added uf - UnFormat - Remove Clipboard Formatting and paste copied file path with CTRL-ALT-V *VERY USEFUL*
    - err - err <number> - Lookup description for error number
    - Added portable apps links:
      - iu3 - - apps for your U3 ready USB stick
      - ipf - - More apps for your USB stick
      - ipa - - apps for your USB stick
    - Added vnc viewer:
      - vnc - vnc Viewer with ALT-TAB support. Now I only miss support for WIN-R :-)


    - Added A43 a File Management Utility:
       Snipped from
       * Integrated text editor with unlimited size. Dynamic highlighting for the web.
     * Integrated zip/unzip features. Simply drag-n-drop files or click a button.
     * Integrated file search to quickly locate and jump to those lost files.
     * Integrated quick launch area for fast access to the programs you use the most.
     * Favorite buttons to quickly open those often used folders.
     * Dual-pane view for those that demand speed in file management.
    - Added a few registry hacks:
     * CMD Completion Char TAB
     * CMD QuickEdit On
     * CMD Window Max Height
     * Explorer Open CMD Here
     * Explorer Open Containing Folder
     * Explorer Open txt-file
     * Systray Turn Off Baloon Tips
     - Added the registry hacks to the install file.
     - Localized the md - My Documents shortcut.

    - Changed the installation to give a bit more feedback and choices.
    - Changed the installation to go automatic.
    - Added wu - Windows Update.
    - Added mskb (q-nmuber on clipboard) to lookup MS knowledgebase article.
    - Fixed wp - wordpad shortcut.
    - Fixed dat - WMView - Opens those pesky winmail.dat e-mail attachments.

- Started logging changes.    


** Reboot, shutdown and logoff appz -
** KeePass -
** RefreshForce -
 - Simple way to fix resolution/refreshrate problems
** A43 -
 - File Management - Explorer replacement ++
** sysinternals -
 - a lot of useful applications, from simple commandline applications to very powerful windows applications
 - If you haven't visited use a hour on their site....
** Nirsoft -
 - Let you copy text from any application.
 - Html to text converter
** PerformanceMonitor -
 - One of their greatest apps.
** IE6Script - My own
 - Scripts/dll's to get hold of InternetExplorers DOM => Can use DOM in scripting
** HijackThis -
 - Helps you remove spyware
** Temper -
 - Lets you empty all temp folders in a swoooosh.
** T4e -
 - Port ping - Lets you test if a host is reachable on a given port.
** Resizer -
 - Lets you resize those huge images from your fancy new 8 Giga pixels camera to something your can publish on the web.
 - Lets you store your password in a safe place.

Ove Halseth